food inflammation testing

Food Inflammation Testing

Customize your diet, reduce inflammation, and lose excess weight with a comprehensive food inflammation test and consultation. 

Ready to look beyond general diets and find out what foods are best for you? Our popular food inflammation test (FIT) identifies which foods don’t work for your body and which do, allowing us to create a custom diet plan based on your body’s unique preferences.

  • 1 food inflammation test (FIT)
  • 1 30 minute results consultation (in person or via phone)
  • 1 15 minute follow-up (via phone)
  • Cost: $650 (includes cost of test)

The Food Inflammation Testing Package is perfect for those who:

Are ready find out why the foods they eat don’t make them feel good anymore

Want to jumpstart their weight loss journey by identifying and removing foods that are causing inflammation and weight gain.

Want answers as to why they don’t feel like they used to

Want to use food as medicine and nourish their bodies with the foods their body actually wants

Are ready to stop playing the guessing game and get real data and real results

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