Meet Your New Healthcare: Functional Medicine

Modern diets and lifestyles are out of alignment with our genes and biology. It’s time we fixed that.

What is Functional Medicine?

Treating the person, not the symptom or diagnosis

Functional Medicine is an approach to medicine that views the body as a complex adaptive system. It offers a new lens through which we can interpret and organize complex biological and environmental information. This allows us to understand why a patient gets sick and how to return the body back to health.


Taking a root-cause approach to health care, we can, in fact, reverse disease and support proper function through diet and lifestyle changes.

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Evidence-Based Interventions

Modern medicine, customized and revitalized

Functional medicine begins at the cellular level, where there is the greatest level of evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and unbiased research. We believe that the body is an interdependent part of the whole and nothing happens in isolation. In practice, this means that by taking a full-body approach to health, we can accurately identify imbalances and then restore the body back to health.


Working with our patients, we’re able to gain a far more comprehensive view of the whole person. In our experience, this level of care offers the greatest chance of preventing and reversing chronic disease.

Incredible Care

With your best interest in mind

Whereas an appointment with a conventional medicine doctor may only last 5-10 minutes, an appointment with Pioneer Health Center lasts 1 to 2 hours. Allocating more time to get to know you and your unique biology, genetics, environment, diet, and lifestyle.


With this level of information, we can address problems more effectively and consistently than ever before. This is the way we have been practicing for decades and why more patients walk out the door healthier than they came in. That’s how healthcare should be, and how we know it to be.

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Today's Healthcare Epidemic Solution

Functional medicine is the solution to an age-old broken system

Chronic disease is by far the biggest health challenge we face today. 1 in 2 Americans has a chronic disease and modern medicine’s solution is to simply manage or cover up symptoms. 


Functional medicine takes a completely different approach, focused on identifying the root cause. Fusing together a patient’s unique biomarkers, optimizing their diet and lifestyle, and improving environmental factors, we can return the body back to balance and greatly improve the odds of reversing disease.

Pioneer Health Functional Medicine Services Address


Pain Management

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Food Inflammation Testing

Gut Health

Cognitive Wellness

Weight Loss



You owe it to yourself to learn what changes in lifestyle and diet can free you from feeling sick and tired.

Let Pioneer Health Center show you your unique path to healing.