The Art and Science of Personalized Medication

Medication designed to meet your unique needs

What is Compounding?

Medicine based on you

Pharmacy compounding allows us to work with patients and prescribers in what is known as the triad in order to customize medication for a unique individual’s needs. Every person is different and this difference is a major reason why the “one-size-fits-all” pharmaceutical model can be extremely limited.


Compounding allows us to go beyond this limit to formulate and build customized therapies using pure pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-approved facilities in order to solve unique human and veterinary needs, create better outcomes, and reduce the risk of side effects.

compounding pharmacy
Mike Gresh in lab


Supporting your body’s unique metabolism

Everything we do at Pioneer Health Center is patient-specific, and compounding is no different. We have the ability to customize almost everything about a prescription, from its strength to the way it’s administered.  Even more, we can remove or change many problematic ingredients like dairy, dyes, gluten, soy, or eggs to eliminate common adverse effects and maximize effectiveness.


We believe that no two people can benefit the same from a standardized prescription, so by compounding medications, we can specify the exact ingredients for the best possible outcome. The key to this process is to work with both patients and providers to identify the patient’s unique needs based on a personalized assessment. This allows us to choose the most appropriate medicines.

Increasing Healthy Outcomes

A modern twist on conventional medicine using compounded therapies

Compounding is an age-old pharmaceutical practice designed to improve the benefit of a medication while reducing the risk of side effects. Fused with our functional medicine practice, we have created a truly unique compounding pharmacy.


Our lead pharmacist, Gene Gresh, is always researching the latest breakthroughs in medicine. Coupled with his certification in functional medicine, patients benefit from personalized medicine with holistic care.

Gene Gresh

Pioneer Health Compounding Services Include


Pain Management

Hormone Therapy



Low Dose Naltrexone


Veterinary Medicine

and More

Work With a Prescribing Practitioner

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The Heart of Compounding is Care

Pioneer Health Center is the gold-standard in personalized, holistic compounding