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The Pioneer Health Story

Who We Are

Pioneer Health Center is one of the first functional medicine practice and compounding pharmacies in the United States. We look beyond the limits of conventional medicine and seek out the root cause of disease and illness. Driven by today’s latest research, our therapies are holistic, evidence-based, and customized to the individual. Our success rates speak for themselves, and we’re incredibly hopeful for the future of functional healthcare.

Personalized and Patient Specific Medicine

The root cause of disease and illness looks different for every individual. To be effective in treating a patient, we need to look at the person, not the population, to create an effective therapy. Whereas conventional medicine treats the effect, functional medicine identifies and changes the cause.

Modern Science-Backed Healthcare

Research on disease, medicine, and biochemistry changes everyday. At Pioneer Health, we practice based on the latest evidence-based science to optimize patient health and vitality. We crave the latest knowledge so that we can best serve each and our patients better every day.

A Complete Functional Health Care Team

We’re redefining health care with a people-first approach to healing. Our team of health experts and enthusiasts fuses energy, care, compassion, and love into every therapy, creating a unique patient-practitioner relationship designed for success. We know our patients by name and love to see them walk out the door happier and healthier.  

A Network of Expert Practitioners

At Pioneer Health, we know true health care is a team effort. Beyond our team of expert practitioners, we have an extensive network of physicians, and health coaches. If we believe you need another layer of care, we’re happy to refer you to one of our trusted practices.

Results-Driven Therapies

We see evidence of our science-backed therapies everyday. With care centered around the patient, we are able to make a real impact on our patients’ lives. It’s not uncommon to hear patients tell us we have given them their life back. This is what we strive for at Pioneer Health, and what energizes us to provide the best care possible each and every day.

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Our Founder

Gene Gresh

Gene Gresh

Compounding Pharmacist

Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

Faculty Member & Researcher

Pioneer Health Center was first founded in 2002 by Gene Gresh as a compounding pharmacy. After studying at the Institute for Functional Medicine, Gene realized an incredible opportunity to fuse together compounding and functional medicine to offer what we consider the most complete and individualized level of care today.

Why Work With Us

Pioneer Health Center is designed for people who have tried the conventional medicine route and want a much more personalized, natural, and thoughtful care plan. Working with us, patients can finally identify through functional lab work the underlying causes of disease, whether that be a toxin, bacteria, or a poor diet, and in our programs, learn how to provide the body the necessary components of health, including nutrition, good bacteria, stress reduction, sleep, and a support network. By addressing health at a cellular level, we can effectively address and prevent disease together.
  • Deep Industry Experience
  • People-First Approach
  • Science-Backed Treatments
  • Results-Driven Therapies
  • Patient-Practicioner Relationship
  • 60-minute sessions (not 5 minutes)