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At Pioneer Health Center, we look beyond the limits of conventional medicine and seek out the root cause of disease and illness. Driven by today’s latest research, our therapies are holistic, evidence-based, and customized to the individual.


Pioneer Health Center is one of the first functional medicine and compounding pharmacy practices in the United States. 


At Pioneer Health, we take the time to develop true patient-practicioner relationships. We are your partner in good health.


We help our patients build a 360-degree view of health and create a long-term plan based on what’s right for each individual.

A True Devotion to Healing

Decades of experience, the latest knowledge, and a true passion for what we do makes Pioneer Health Center one of the top functional medicine practices in the country.

Expert Practicioners

With decades of experience, our team looks at health differently. We’re at the cutting-edge of today’s research, and when you work with Pioneer Health, you get a truly modern and completely natural approach to health.

Advanced Testing

Leveraging lab testing to identify your unique biomarkers – from your microbiome to your genes – we can implement a customized plan designed to nourish your body back to good health.

Genuine Patient-Practicioner Relationships

Your health is personal to us. We believe in real, genuine patient-practicioner relationships so that we can effectively be your partner in health.

A Dedicated Care Team

Our team stops at nothing. We challenge traditional health care by developing treatments based on you. Curiosity, passion, science, and wisdom is infused into every patient treatment plan.

Science-Based Therapies

Our team of functional practitioners takes today’s latest medical research and looks at it from the lens of natural and functional implications. Each treatment addresses health starting at the cellular level, designed to help your body heal from within.

For the Love of Good Health

Functional medicine is our passion, not just our specialty. We want to see our patients walk out the door healthier than they came in, and we thrive on the success stories we witness from our patients every day.
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The Pioneer Assessment

For people looking for custom support to improve their health naturally through diet, detoxification and gut health

In our signature 4-month program, patients are able to run a food inflammation test (lab fee included in program price), receive 2 50-minute consultations with Gene Gresh, and go through our 14-day Body Detox program as well as our Health Your Gut protocol.

Cost: $399/month

Food Inflammation Testing

For people looking to pinpoint food inflammation to customize diet and lose weight

Ready to look beyond general diets and find out what foods are best for you? Our popular Food Inflammation Test (FIT) identifies which foods trigger inflammation in the body, enabling you to follow a custom-made diet plan suited to your unique needs.

Cost: $650 (includes cost of FIT test)


We believe the heart of healthcare is service

Good health comes from a close and collaborative patient-practitioner relationship. We take the extra time to get to know you to build a complete picture of your health.

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About Functional Medicine

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About Compounding

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Pioneer Health Center is one of the nation's first functional medicine and compounding pharmacy practices

We have a true passion for natural health, and are excited to share it with the world. Join thousands of other patients who have worked with us to find their own unique path to better health.

The Nature of Science

Our expertise is as broad as it is deep when it comes to understanding how the body works. Researchers at heart, we’re continuously learning about the latest natural therapies and data and are excited to share this information with the world.

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